About Us

Our Passion Is To Help You Succeed With Trading

Our Story

Passion, Drive and a Sense of Fairness!

Almost two decades of trading success has helped us to perfect the art of beating the money markets.  We know what it takes to make it big in this industry.

But along our journey we saw innocent people, people trying to earn a living, being manipulated out of their money by the powers that control the markets. We found that market forces are always against ordinary traders, because that’s how they make their money… on traders’ loses!

We didn’t like that so helping traders succeed became the driving force behind Tradefight.

We expose what many Trading Industry Professionals do not want you to know… that Trading is actually not as complicated as they make it out to be! It’s especially easy when, like us, you too know how it works on the inside; figure out where the pitfalls are and learn how to navigate them in order to make profits consistently.

So we leveraged our knowledge and experience with a team of talented developers to create Tradefight. Our original and cutting-edge technologies prepare you to make money from trading online.

We do this in a unique and innovative way by providing you a safe and trustworthy online playground filled with exciting, new trading technologies.

You see, inside our platform market forces don’t have the power to manipulate you. We don’t have any spreads or slippages so it’s a safe zone where you can practice, or improve, your skills and connect with others who are also making money.

We built TradeFight for every one. That’s why you don’t need trading experience to practice or make money with Tradefight. To level the odds for all traders we focused on what we know best: live financial markets and online trading. Our platforms connect with real live market financial data; we give you 100% security and remove all risk of manipulation.

TradeFight Ltd registered address is 3rd Floor, 207 Regent Street, W1B 3HH London, UK.