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  • Live Trading Match against an Opponent.
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  • Social Trading with Daily Prize Pools.
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Trade RealTrade Demo

Our Story

With over 17 years of trading success we’ve perfected the art of beating the markets. But everyday people are unknowingly losing their money… often through no fault of their own. And we don’t like that!

So we built a platform that eliminates all the negative aspects of most trading systems. Now everyone can enjoy the thrill and excitement of trading in a transparent environment.

Everyone, from beginners to professionals, can have fun, learn to trade, improve or showcase their skills, win prize pools and finally make money without risking his or her life savings.

We love the excitement and achievement of successful trading. Tradefight offers both and we built it for you.

Our Vision

Our goal is to be the market leader in building a innovating Per-To-Per (P2P) trading platforms that connect people worldwide to the truth and potential of trading online.  We expose what many Industry Professionals do not want you to know… that Trading with TradeFight is actually EASY!

Our vision is to help traders achieve financial success by simplifying online trading with safe and trustworthy P2P platforms that are fun and exciting, as well as profitable and educational.

Meet Our Founders

Here’s our award-winning team of traders and entrepreneurs whose expertise, vision and dedication has given birth to this unique idea.

  • Member

    Dejan Jursa


    An economics major and trading industry veteran, Dejan has dedicated his career to online trading and inventing new approaches and tools for the trading industry. His overall knowledge and experience of the industry gives Tradefight a dynamic leader.

  • Member

    Benjamin Velner

    Head of IT

    Benjamin brings with him an impressive track record of success, both with running International Technology Companies and also his own business. He guides our programming team with determination and always delivers perfection.

Meet Other Team Members

What Our Members Say?

My friend told me about TradeFight a few weeks ago and I liked it. It’s super easy to learn Head to Head and it’s a lot of fun.

Žarko Đokić, Serbia

I like Trade Contest, because of huge payouts. :) I thought it was going to be complicated when I saw it for the first time but it’s so simple.

Dejan Jovanović, Serbia

I already won more money then I spent. Normally it is very hard to make a profit with online trading for me but I started winning TradeFight challenges very quickly. It’s great and I am sure I will get even better!

Roman Forjan, Slovenia

This is a good website. I was skeptical but now I have entered 7 TradeFight challenges and have won 5 of them and won prizes already too. I can now recommend it.

Henning Kleven, Drammen, Norway

TradeFight is sexy and you can make a lot of money fast.

Maren Eidsvik, Oslo, Norway

I am winning more times than I am losing. So I will continue to trade more and win more I hope.

Joachim Aulie, Brevik, Norway

I have been trading crypto for the past 2 years and never seen anything like this before. It’s great because I am able to utilize my trading skills and win money more easily than on other typical crypto platforms. I love it!

Doreen Algie, Graz, Austria

Trading Crypto is exciting but TradeFight has also made it fun. I can make money in my trading job and I can also win money by having fun whilst trading now. Thank you TradeFight.

Darnell Knoch, Hamburg, Germany

It’s unique for sure and not so hard to win at it either. If you like crypto markets where you can win easily then you’ll love this.

Peter Campbell, London, UK

I trade Spot Crypto & Bitcoin Futures and TradeFight is a welcomed change for me. It has the same level of fun and excitement, but 10 times easier to win. Brilliant!

Jason Andrews, Bristol, UK

Hello. I have already reached win rate of 71%. Crypto Trader is my favorite.

Rajendra Agarwal

TradeFight Ltd registered address is 3rd Floor, 207 Regent Street, W1B 3HH London, UK.